The Beautiful Waterfalls Near Gir National Park

The Beautiful Waterfalls Near Gir National Park

Gir National Park is a wild place located in Gujarat and it is home to Asiatic Lions. This place is globally famous because of the sightings of Asiatic Lions. Many people visit this wild place every year to see the wild animals in their natural habitat along with Asiatic Lions. People can book different types of Gir Lion Safari to see and explore the different flora and fauna species of this park. The main attraction of this park are wild animals but the surroundings also offer scenic sites in the form of beautiful waterfalls.

1. Jamjir Waterfall

Jamjir Waterfall is one of the most popular waterfalls near Gir National Park. These waterfalls are located in the Sasan Gir region and it is around 30 kilometers from the park. The road that takes the travellers towards Jamjir is well-maintained which makes it accessible by car or bike. The journey towards these waterfalls offers good views of the countryside and glimpses of wildlife.

Jamjir waterfalls can be visited at any time of the year as these are perennial waterfalls which means they flow throughout the year. But, the best time to come here is during monsoon, from June to September because the waterfall comes in full glory. The height of the Jamjir waterfalls is around 30 feet and you can see the great views of the water flowing down from the rocky cliff with a good sound of water hitting the ground. 

People can enjoy the natural pool at the bottom of the waterfall. But take care of yourself as rocks inside can be slippery. People can see the lush greenery that surrounds the area when playing inside the pool and also the area around waterfall creates a perfect spot for picnics and nature walks.

2. Nalsarovar Waterfall

This is another waterfall that is located close to the Gir National Park at a distance of about 50 kilometers. This waterfall is located in a more secluded area and you need to track a little bit to reach here. The path to reach this waterfall is not used by many people and it makes it best for those who like to track in peace. 

This waterfall is not very famous among people and this makes it the best spot to visit if you like to spend time in calmness. If you like trekking then this can be the best spot as  to reach here you have to track on rocky paths which makes the experience more adventurous. After reaching there you can enjoy in the crystal clear water.   

People who go to these waterfalls can meditate in the peaceful ambiance. The sound of water flowing down to the pond will give a nice background music. People can sit by the pool, soak their feet in the fresh water, and enjoy the beauty around them. The trek and waterfall will make a memorable experience for you. 

3. Bhim Chori Waterfall

Bhim Chori Waterfall is at a distance of around 40 kilometers from Gir National Park near Talala. This waterfall can be reached easily as it has good road connectivity. After reaching at the starting spot, you just have to hike a little bit from the nearest parking area. The surrounding area of this waterfall is famous for its beauty and nice agricultural landscape.

Bhim Chori Waterfall is very nice during the monsoon season when the water volume increases day by day. The water pours down from a height of about 40 feet which creates a nice view. One thing that makes it different is that the pool at the bottom of this waterfall is small and it has cool water. 

The area around the waterfall has a good variety of flora and fauna which makes it a good spot for people who love plants and animals. Birding can also be done in this area. Several spots around the waterfall have shades where people can sit, relax, and enjoy the views after spending time inside the pool. 

4. Zanzari Waterfall

Zanzari Waterfall is a bit farther from Gir National Park. It is located in Dehgam at a distance of about 120 km from the park. A short road travel and hiking are needed to reach this waterfall. While going there you can see good views of the surroundings and also you can see the rural area of Gujarat. 

Zanzari Waterfall is known for its multi-level falls, which create different ponds at different levels. The best time to visit Zanzari is during or just after the monsoon season when the waterfall is in full flow which makes it a good experience to visit there. 

People who go there can explore different ponds and each of them offers a different experience. The area around Zanzari is also popular for camping as it has several spots suitable for setting up tents. The combination of the waterfall’s beauty, the natural surroundings, and the opportunity for outdoor activities makes Zanzari a popular destination for families and adventure enthusiasts.

5. Dhatarwadi Waterfall

Dhatarwadi Waterfall is located near the village of Dhatarwadi which is at a distance of around 60 kilometers from Gir National Park. This waterfall is less known among other waterfalls making it a great spot for those who like peace and calmness. The route to Dhatarwadi will take you on a road from which you can enjoy scenic views and also you will hike through the countryside.

Dhatarwadi Waterfall is a seasonal waterfall that is mostly visited by people during the monsoon season.  People who come here can see the nice view of the water flowing down from a great height. They will also get a chance to listen to the soothing sound of water hitting the ground. The base of the waterfall is clear which is perfect for a refreshing bath. 

The area around Dhatarwadi Waterfall is filled with small farms and traditional homes. By visiting there you can get an idea of rural life in Gujarat. The peaceful environment and the natural beauty of this waterfall make it the perfect spot for picnics and relaxation.


These were some nice waterfalls that are located near Gir National Park. After enjoying a thrilling ride at Gir National Park, you can visit these waterfalls to enjoy a nice time in the water with family and friends. Include any of these in your itinerary to make your trip more memorable.

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