Gir National Park Safari Booking -Tariff
Safari Zones Gir Jungle Safari (Maximum 6 Adults and 1 Child are allowed in 1 Jeep)
Price (Indian) Prices may vary, Between 4300 to 6500 (Inclusive of Permit, Gypsy & Guide Charges, Services & Taxes) Depends on Weekends, Number of Persons, Festivals, Long Weekends
Price (Foreigner) Prices may vary, Between 15500 to 17500 (Inclusive of Permit, Gypsy & Guide Charges, Services & Taxes) Depends on Weekends, Number of Persons, Festivals, Long Weekends
Note The Payment does not guarantee booking confirmation. Booking would be available only as per seat availability. After payment, visitors will have to call us to confirm their booking. If the booking is not available, your booking will be rescheduled for another date and time with your consent or will be refunded.

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If you’re an animal lover and dream of exploring a forest with different species then Gir Jungle Safari is the place for you.

People also know SasanGir as Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. This park is located in Gujarat. This park covers a huge area of 1412 square km. You'll get to see around 600 Asiatic lions, 300 types of birds, 37 different reptiles, and 38 kinds of mammals in this park.

If you're up for an unforgettable adventure and a fantastic safari ride, then a visit to Gir National Park is a must.


Season Days Morning Timings Evening Timings
Note: Gir Jungle Safari is closed from 16th June to 15th Oct every year.


Gir Safari is super special because you can watch lions and other animals moving around freely in their natural habitat. The safaris are done in open jeeps and the jeeps are operated by professionals so that you can visit without any worries and see all the awesome sights of wild animals. You cannot explore Gir Jungle without a jeep safari. No other rides like horses, camels, or elephants are allowed in this sanctuary.


Details Of Gir Safari Online Booking: To check out all the cool stuff we talked about earlier, you gotta book your spot first. This place gets pretty crowded, so you can't just show up and expect to get a safari ticket. It's better to book ahead of time to be safe. Now, here's how you can do it online in just a few seconds:

Go to
Fill in your full name.
Pick the date and time you want to go (morning or afternoon).
Fill in the details of the ID proof that you are going to bring with you.
Don’t forget to bring your ID for a thrilling safari ride.
Oh, and if you end up canceling your trip, we have got a refund policy too.



Here's the information about Gir National Park entry fees:

If you're from India, then it will cost you between Rs. 800-1000 for up to 6 people. You have to pay an extra Rs. 100 for a child on regular days and if you’re coming on weekends or festivals then you have to pay Rs. 125 extra.

Now, if you're not from India and you’re coming here from another country then you have to pay Rs. 5600-7000 for up to 6 people on regular days. For kids, extra Rs. 1400 will be charged on regular days and Rs. 1750 on weekends and festivals.

Just remember, these rates are just tentative, so they might change when you book your visit.


The charge for a vehicle at Gir Jungle Safari is Rs. 1700 per jeep.
If you want a nice photo then Indians have to pay an additional amount of Rs. 200 for a camera and foreigners have to pay Rs. 1400 for the same.
If you are eager to know about all the species of the park then you have to pay Rs. 400-700 for a guide.
Safari Vehicle Category
Category-A Category-B
4 Seater | 6 Seater | 8 Seater 6 Seater
These vehicles are of BS-VI type, manufactured in 2022 or later. Equipped with spacious, cushioned seating, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable journey through the wilderness. The interiors are thoughtfully crafted to provide both comfort and convenience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of nature without compromising on luxury. It also has the facility of binoculars with 8x42 magnification, which will enrich your experience of observing the beauty of wildlife closely. Petrol powered vehicle. It is not older than the one prescribed under the scrap policy of Government of Gujarat to drive old vehicles.


In case of the selected category being sold out, your booking can be shifted to any other category also.
By default, your booking is in B category. If Category B remains sold out, then your booking will be shifted to Category A only, for which you will have to make an extra payment (INR 1500) at the time of booking. If a customer refuses to pay the additional fee for a category change, the booking will be canceled, and the refund will be processed according to the cancellation policy outlined, typically within the specified timeframe.


Because of heavy rainfall, the park remains closed in monsoon season, from 16 June to 15 October. You can come here and enjoy jeep safaris at any time of the year except for this time.


Uperkot Fort

Uperkot Fort

This is an ancient fort that was built back in 319 BC by the Mauryan emperor Chandragupta. This fort was built using many kinds of materials like sandstones, granite stones, and limestones. The walls of this fort are crazy high like 10-20 meters and they are all square-shaped.


Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary

It is the biggest water bird sanctuary in India. It was set up back in 1969 and it is a nice weekend spot which is located just 60 km away from Ahmedabad. Birdwatchers can spot all sorts of birds here like pied woodpeckers, black-headed cuckoos, eagles, and tons more.


Kankai Temple

There is a temple which is in the middle of the sanctuary known as Kankai Mata shrine. You can book safaris to visit this temple. During your safaris, you can even spot an Asiatic lion roaming freely in his natural habitat.


Gir Jungle Safari

This is a place that is full of wild animals and different plant species along with various birds. Visiting this place can be very exciting and thrilling for wildlife or nature lovers. Everyone should visit here.


Devalia Safari Park

This is a part of Gir National Park and it is made inside it. Devalia Safari Park is a fenced area in which you can find different kinds of flora and fauna. This park is specially made for those people who can not get a ride at SasanGir National Park.


Zamzir Waterfall

If you are visiting Gir National Park, then you must visit this place also. These waterfalls are located at Hiran River close to Gir National Park. You can take some good pictures here as the view is nice. You can also bathe and play in this area.


Gujarati food is famous all over the world, from Thepla to Dhokla, people like to eat the tasty food of Gujarat. So, if you are in Gir National Park, then you should try some delicious local cuisines from the nearby restaurants after your jeep safari ride.

Here are some amazing restaurants and hotels that serve tasty traditional Gujarati food.

  • Flavors
  • Ambrosia
  • Senso
  • Red pepper
  • Tea Post
  • Lords Banquet Restaurant
  • Adingo
  • Hotel Nyari Palace
  • Temptations
These Are Some Of The Amazing Restaurant And Hotels Which Serves The Best Of Gujarati Food Around Gir National Park.


If you are someone who loves shopping or just someone who wants to purchase something for memory, then these are some nearby markets and malls from where you can shop for local products near Gir National Park.


This market is famous all over Gujarat, you can buy some beautiful bangles from this market. You can shop for different types of beautiful bangles from this market. It is a great spot for girls to buy some nice quality bangles.


This one is a special bazaar as not only clothes, you can find all the stuff here. From food to gadgets, all things are easily available here. Do not forget to buy some traditional clothes from this market.


If you're all about shopping on a budget, then this place is best for you. You can shop a good variety of products here and their quality will also be good. However, you won't be able to find branded shops here. You can find lots of traditional dress materials including Lehenga Choli.