Gir National Park Booking

Gir Forest Is All Geared up to Welcome You Back…Brace Yourself with All Necessary Precautionary Measures

The entire Gir Forest online booking system had to cease its activities throughout the peak visitor season, as the lock down was carried through since March 2020 to suppress the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus. Since the lockdown started, the wildlife enthusiasts, forest resorts and hotels, and other allied services within the Gir Forest map premises have been fervently waiting for new directives from India’s Government to grant permission for resuming the tourism-related services.  

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change under the Indian Government has finally given the nod to resume the Gir Safari booking with all necessary precautions. The authority has published strict guidelines for the visitors, which mandate including masks, gloves, and an ample amount of sanitizer along with their binoculars and cameras while packing for their upcoming adventure. Also, the Gujarat Government’s declaration that they are restarting the tourist attractions at their state has mostly fueled the expectations of wildlife lovers, who were already planning to experience Gir National Park Booking for their next trip.

However, new rules will be there for every visitor enjoying the Gir National Park safari to prevent further spread of the virus. The rules are more or less similar to all the other national parks and wildlife sanctuaries across the nation – all the staff, wildlife guides, and visitors have to undergo an essential thermal screening; besides, wearing masks, face shields, and gloves are inevitable. Sanitizers will be available at every key point, using which will be a must for each individual. The local authorities have already ensured that the disinfecting and cleaning protocols will be carried out within regular intervals for all the frequently visited areas during Gir National Park Booking; special attention will be given to the washrooms and drinking water points.

Below we are providing a few guidelines for the visitors, following which will ensure them with a visit to the wild without any risk of getting infected –

  1. The gathering of forest guards, guides, or visitors at points such as a hotel reception or some permit-issuing counter needs to be avoided.
  2. Queues need to be formed following the prescribed distancing.
  3. Although the Gir National Park online booking is already so popular among the visitors from the past few years, the visitors have to consider this system more seriously during the post-pandemic situation. 
  4. Deducting the number of visitors on a safari vehicle during a Gir lion safari has to be implemented.
  5. Rules for a refund should be executed for the visitors who have already made all the payments and tested positive for the virus before the visit or while entering the premises.
  6. Last but not least, rules have to be implemented and also twisted according to the situation.

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