From Lions to Landmarks: Best Nearby Attractions to Gir National Park

From lions to landmark best nearby attractions to gir national park

Gir National Park is the finest place to visit in Gujarat. Many people go there to enjoy fun-filled jeep safari rides. This park is famous because it is a home for Asiatic Lions and people like to see them in their natural habitat. After the safaris, they get a lot of free time and people can spend their time at some cool places near the park. The area near Gir National Park has some nice tourist attractions where people can enjoy their free time. People can go sightseeing at historical places, they can visit pilgrimage sites, and enjoy a nice time near the beach by visiting Diu. Overall coming to Gir for a nice holiday or a trip can be a good option to explore new attractions.

1. Somnath Temple 

Somnath is one of the most famous temples among Hindus. This temple is built on the western edge of Gujarat. Many Hindus believe that this temple is the first of twelve holy jyotirlingas that emerged in India. Three rivers meet at this temple named Kapila, Hiran, and Saraswati. People who go there can enjoy a show that takes place at 7:45. The show is of light effects and in the background you can listen to a sound by Amitabh Bachchan. This temple remains open throughout the year but visiting the temple on Shivratri and Kartik Purnima would be great because people here celebrate them enthusiastically.  

2. Kamleshwar Dam

Within the boundary of Gir National Park, one can visit this beautiful spot. This dam offers a scenic view and people mostly come here for birdwatching. This dam is one of the reasons behind the growing popularity of Gir. This dam is the meeting point of many migratory birds and birdwatching enthusiasts pay a visit here to see them. This scenic beautiful dam was established back in 1959 and since its 1st day, it’s been a major attraction of Gir National Park. The Kamleshwar Dam is constructed over the Hiran River, which drains into Gir National Park. The wildlife of this park does not need to face any problems related to water because of this Dam.  

3. Durbar Hall Museum

This museum was founded back in 1947 and is famous for its collection of silver thrones, gold-embroidered carpets, royal furniture, chandeliers, silver art objects, etc. The Darbar Hall represents the royal assembly hall of the ex-rulers of the old Junagadh state and it also conserves the exceptional belongings of nawabs which include arms, oil paintings, miniature paintings, photographs of historical importance, royal palanquins and hondas, textiles, carpets, etc. It has a rare collection of photographs that shows the historical background of ex-rulers of Saurashtra.  This historical museum remains open from 10 am to 5 pm. 

4. Junagadh Zoo

This zoo is a very famous one that was opened in 1863 and it covers an area of 490 acres, which makes it  4th biggest zoo in India. This place is famous among people as Sakkarbaug Zoological Garden or Sakkarbaug Zoo. Animal lovers should definitely visit this zoo because here you can find a variety of animals, although their carnivores steal the show. This zone is especially famous among people who come to Gir because here one can find purebred Asiatic Lions. This one is the oldest zoo in India and is home to 597 birds, 111 reptiles, and 525 mammals. 

5. Girnar Hills 

This place is very famous among tourists because it is a blend of natural beauty, religious significance, and historical monuments. Girnar Hills is proof of India’s diverse cultural and natural wealth, also it attracts pilgrims from various parts of the country. It represents both Hindu and Jain communities. People often say that the pilgrimage of Girnar is very difficult but also refreshing. Many people also believe that the pilgrimage to Girnar is not just a physical journey but a spiritual adventure, weaving together devotion, tradition, and a deep connection with the divine. These hills have diverse topography, it has dense forests to rocky slopes. Nature enthusiasts can see scenic views from these hills. You can book Gir Tour Packages to enjoy sightings at Girnar Hills. 

6. Uperkot Fort

This fort was built in 319 BC by the Mauryan emperor Chandragupta. This form has been inundated 16 times over the last 800 years. The materials that were used by the emperor to build this fort were sandstones, granite stones, and limestones. The walls of this fort are very high, approx. 10-20 meters. The shape of those walls is square. One can easily find old structures like step wells, palaces, and temples inside this beautiful fort. This famous fort is just like a historical treasure with stories from different times. People who like to visit historical places should definitely come here. 

7. Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary

This famous sanctuary is the largest water bird sanctuary in India. This famous place was established back in 1969. This bird sanctuary is one of the popular weekend getaways of Gujaratis and is located at a distance of 60 km from Ahmedabad. This is also known as the bird watcher’s paradise as the most admired class of birds can be seen here like pied woodpecker, black-headed cuckoo, eagles, and many others. You can also take blessings from Lord Krishna as there is a temple near this lake.  

8. Kankai Temple

Kankai Mata Shrine is another attraction of Gir National Park which is located in the middle of the sanctuary, about 25 km from the Sasan Gir National Park. The Kankai Mataji Temple is the only temple that can be found inside the forest. Safari vehicles, basically Innova cars, are available every day to go to this famous Kankai Temple. While going towards the temple, people can spot Asiatic Lions on their way. Many people who visit Gir, always try to pay a visit to this holy place. People who go there can even stay for a night inside the temple but for that, they need to take permits from forest officials. Staying at night will give a thrilling experience as you will stay 25 km inside the Jungle and you can listen to the natural sounds of the Jungle including the roar of Lions.

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