Explore The Natural Beauty of Flora and Fauna in Gir National Park

Explore The Natural Beauty of Flora and Fauna in Gir National Park

Gir National Park is beautiful wildlife conservation in the vicinity of the state of Gujarat. The tourists get the veritable treat of both nature and animals in the park. The dense deciduous forest serves as the perfect heaven for the Asiatic lions and the other endangered species living in the jungle’s wilderness. Thus, these numerous trees and animals together constitute the most congenial topography of the region.

An Array of Diverse Fauna of the Gir National Park

Sprawled to 1,412 square kilometers, the area has a vast diversity of 2375 range of fauna. The park has 400 Asiatic lions and 300 leopards; what makes the Gir National Park famous is the Asiatic lions. After Africa, this is the only place where they live peacefully with their family, in their natural habitat.

Other animals like Indian Cobras, Rusty-Spotted Cats, Chital, Nilgai (or Blue bull), Antelope, Indian Gazelle, Sambar, Four-Horned Chinkara, Wild Boar, Blackbucks, Langur, Golden Jackals, Indian Palm Civets, Striped Hyenas, Indian Mongoose, Ratels, Desert Cats are found here.

Brown Fish Owl, Indian Woodpecker, Crested Treeswift, Indian Pitta are the bird species living in the Gir forest. Opt for Gir Online Booking for entrance in the park.

The deciduous forest belt occupies a significant portion of the forest, including savannah grassland, open and thorny scrub, etc. You can find plants like Prosopis and Casuarina, which the park’s forest department has planted on the coastal belt.

Best Time to Visit Gir National Park

Many travel lovers will be excited to know that this region welcomes tourists throughout the year. But we suggest that if you’re planning a trip to Sasan Gir, visit the park between December and March. This season is ideal for the various activities in the park-like safari. You can see the migratory birds and other animals roaming alongside the river banks.

Summers are an ideal time for photography in a Gir Forest tour and view most of the animals out in the open, but are still avoided as the heat here can turn intolerable in the forest, and animals hide in their den the scorching sunny days.

Monsoons are the worst time to visit the park as animals remain within their shelters during this time, and a safari is not possible in the rains, and there are also possibilities of flood in the region. Therefore, the park remains shut for tourists from 16th June till 15th October every year Gir National Park Booking is the ticket to enter the park.

The End

Embarking on the thrilling forest in winter can be the most numerous trip to the Sasan Gir. Safaris can also take you to the deep jungle where you can explore the wide range of flora and fauna, mingling together balancing the planet’s ecosystem. Opt for Gir Safari Booking for an enchanting vacation with your family.

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