An Initiative to Conserve the Iconic Species from Extinction on the Planet

Gir National Park

Sasan Gir is the last abode of the Asiatic Lions and the home of an array of incredible wildlife such as langur monkeys, jackals, leopards, antelope, deer, crocodiles, and over 300 species of birds.

It has been observed that nearly 600 Asiatic lions survive in the tiny patch area of the Gir Forest of Gujarat, India. The survival of these countable numbers of lions can be wiped away forever by epidemics, natural disasters, or by any anthropogenic factor. This small population of the majestic beasts lives in Gir National Park’s protected area, near alongside the extinct tribal named Maldharis, sharing the same territory with the lions.

Why are the Lions facing an Unnatural Threat?

By the early 1900s, the species used to roam across Middle East parts and Asia, but now these iconic beasts have been hunted toward extinction; a tiny population remains in Sasan Gir. The iconic species has disappeared from 94 percent of its historical range, which once included almost the entire African continent but is now limited to less than 660,000 square miles. Gir National Park Booking is a must for entrance to this land of Asiatic lions.

ZSL takes initiatives to protect the Asiatic Lions

Experts of the ZSL Team are taking initiatives to protect and conserve the lions from extinction. ZSL is working with partners in India, including the Wildlife Institute of India and the Forest Department, to safeguard Asiatic lions in Gir Forest. 

Conservation Support

ZSL has put some effort with the forest rangers to implement a new patrol of monitoring about what is happening in the Gir Forest area and the reasons behind the threats like poaching or disease. 

Trained Veterinarian for Wildlife

ZSL is training a special veterinary team to share knowledge with the forest rangers to treat the lions with special care and give them training on how to provide anesthesia to the lions when they are sick and help them manage systems to control the contagious outbreak of diseases within animals.

Keeping them in Zoo with utmost Care

ZSL partnered with Sakkarbaug Zoo in Gujarat to teach the veterans and the zookeepers, sharing best practices in animal care and breeding and encouraging them in their natural habitat.

Education is the Key to Acknowledge Locales

ZSL gives education to the local communities in Sasan Gir to spread the importance of lion conservation. ZSL with other organizations shaping their plans for the development of educational activities around wildlife conservation in the Gir Forest National Park. 

The Final Thoughts

Thus we are taking our best effort to protect the Asiatic Lions in the forest from all grounds of threat and the causes of extinction. Gir Safari Booking is the entrance ticket, and we will continue our initiatives, as these majestic lions are the pride of India. Tourists from abroad will come to India to see the lions in their natural habitat under the lap of beautiful nature.

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