An Entire Chronicle of Topography and Map of Sasan Gir

Sasan Gir

Sasan Gir

Besides Africa, Gir National Park is the only home of the Asiatic lions in India. On 18th September 1965, the Government of India notified it as the wildlife sanctuary built in Gujarat to save and protect the majestic lions from being endangered.

Lions are the major attraction of the Gir Forest, but there are also thousands of endangered species, and few are rarely seen like reptiles, marsh crocodiles, birds, etc. Gir National Park gives an immense joy filled up with thrilling experience to the visitors. And for this reason, the beauty of the park is narrated in golden letters.

General Information about the Topography

Gir Forest is stretched over 1412 sq. kilometers ( where 258 sq. km is the fully protected area); the park is located 60 km southwest of Amreli and 65 km southeast of Junagadh.

Altitudes: It varies from 150–530 meters above mean sea level

Longitudes: 700 50′ 710 15′ East

Latitudes: 200 40′ 210 50′ North

In 1913, there were only 20 lions found in the Gir Forest, but now it has risen to 523 lions according to 2015 calculations, and in 2020 counting, there are altogether 600 lions living in the woods.

Temperature: The temperature in summer is hardly bearing, i.e., 45 degrees Celsius, and at night the temperature dips to 10 degrees Celsius, which is very pleasant and comfortable.

Rainfall: the average rainfall is 100 mm in the western part of Sasan Gir and 650 mm in the Eastern region of the Gir Forest.

Best time to visit: time to visit Sasan Gir with your family is in winter from November to January, as the park refreshes your mood and gives a charismatic sensation within the park. 

Closed Period: Due to heavy rainfall Gir National Park remains closed from 15th June till September.

Tracing a Variety of Bird Collection in Gir Forest

Few of us are known that Sasan Gir endows with an enormous collection of rare birds. The park also encapsulates different types of migratory birds seen in the winter season. As the Gir forest owns natural water bodies within the park, many birds come here to dwell in the forest. It makes the sight to cherish with the chirping sound of the birds echoing all around the region. An ardent watcher can effortlessly count 125 birds in the park.

How to Reach Sasan Gir

Sasan Gir and Ahmedabad are well connected by Road and Rail network. Tourists can easily travel for 7 hours on the road to reach Sasan Gir from Ahmedabad airport. For tourists can take the flights to Rajkot airport from Mumbai Airport to reach the destination. opt for Gir Online Booking for a hassle-free journey. There are plenty of options for hotels and resorts for accommodation located in the vicinity of Gir forest.

Summing Up

Wildlife always gives travel lovers excitement, as humans are still curious to know about their living process of animals, and the enthralling lions rank the top position in the list. For that, Gir Safari Booking is the ticket for the entrance for all visitors.

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